WestWind Foundation is dedicated to fighting climate change and promoting the health of human communities through its grant making programs. WestWind is a private, philanthropic foundation that provides grants to environmental nonprofit organizations that work both domestically and internationally. The foundation also supports nonprofits that promote reproductive health and rights globally, with a particular emphasis on the Latin American and Caribbean region.

Program Announcements

Letter of Inquiry process on hold for 2016
The WestWind Foundation has put on hold its Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process for new organizations in it’s 2016 grant cycle in both the Reproductive Health and Rights program and the Environment program. Grant proposals will be by invitation only. Non-profit organizations interested in submitting an LOI for review in 2017 should check this site in early 2017 for updates on the LOI submission process.

2014 Reproductive Health and Rights Program Grants Announced
The Reproductive Health and Rights Program has awarded $1.6 million in grants in 2014 to organizations working to advance reproductive health and rights both domestically and internationally. Sixty percent of RHRP funds were distributed to NGOs working internationally, while forty percent of the program budget was used to support NGOs working in the United States to protect and advance reproductive health and rights. Please see Recent Grants for a complete list.

2014 Environment Program Grants Announced
The WestWind Foundation awarded more than $1.8 million in Environment Program grants in 2014. Most of the funding targeted two thematic areas – advocacy to curtail the development and use of dirty fuels and efforts to combat climate change in the Southeast United States. For a complete list of WestWind’s grants in this program, please seeĀ Recent Grants.

Last updated December 23rd, 2014.